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September 10, 2010

Important points to consider while developing in SharePoint 2010

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  • While updating external list with a workflow you may often get the error “The workflow could not create the item in the external data source. Make sure the user has permissions to access the external data source and create items.”. To avoid this, you must use Secure Store ID for the External Content Type, and the App Pool account for the content web application must be included as a member of that SSID. Also the app pool account must have permissions to the ECT entity in the BDC service application.
  • External lists are not flexible enough as compared to regular list when it comes to customization of forms with InfoPath. External list forms do not support additional data connections.
  • When ever you make changes to the BDC entity, it happens to lose the permissions on the BDC entity. You always have to set permissions.
  • Updater method in BCS modal never provides detailed and proper information in Trace logs if any error occurs, but Creator method always provides detailed information to the point. So do the Creator method first and correct any Data Type mismatches and then Updater should work fine.
  • In order to implement Update/Delete/Insert operations on an external list using BCS modal (code solution), the underlying table must have a Primary Key

September 7, 2010

Application Error in EditForm of External List using custom BCS solution in SharePoint 2010

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I often received a web.config error message in EdiForm of an External List using a custom BCS model with my own implementations for Updater method in .NET assembly.

Trace logs showing an error message as “Application error when access /Lists/***/EditForm.aspx, Error=The data source control failed to execute the update command. ***** at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart.UpdateCallback

This was frustrating as there are no details about this error, debugging using VS2010 did not help either.

So after weeks of trail and error i found out that one of the Data Type was defined as “String” in BCS Entity model but its actual Data Type should be “Character” as defined in LINQ to SQL object.

SharePoint BCS model is very stringent on Data Types and not very specific when reporting the error messages. Also it is important to make sure that Identifier field must have Updater Field be set to True in the Updater method.

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