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September 24, 2015

SharePoint 2013 Migration Issues (On-Prem)

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We recently upgraded our SharePoint Farm to 2013, below are some of the issues or lessons learned during this process.

  • Use Everyone instead of NT Authority\Authenticated Users to avoid issues especially when accessing Managed Metadata fields. Faced permission issues in some migrated sites, even though NT Authority\Authenticated Users group has read access to it, Taxonomy Hidden list is the culprit, by providing everyone access to this list solved the issue
  • If you have used complex Calendar overlay features in SP2010, may face some formatting issues after migration to 2013
  • If you have multiple office product combinations for example office 2007 and Lync 2013, you may see issues opening office documents from SharePoint 2013 site in IE, may throw error as “The webpage cannot be displayed” with URL prefix as ms-word:ofv|u|

There is KB article on this issue (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2888015) even though it says for SharePoint Online but still holds true for On-Prem, suggested solution in the article worked well but disabling the “SharePoint OpenDocuments Class” add-on from IE settings worked better

  • There were lot of issues with Data Sheet views in SP2010 after migration as in SP2013 there is no data sheet view and replaced with Quick Edit
    • Quick Edit doesn’t show counts unlike Data Sheet view in SP2010
    • Unlike Data Sheet view in SP2010, column widths cannot be changed
    • If the Data Sheet view in 2010 had read access, after migration to 2013, it will show empty data. It’s the same behavior even if you create a public Data Sheet view in SP2013, it will show as empty for read access users. Bottom line Quick Edit for people with modify access only
    • In SP2010 views are displayed under breadcrumb, this has been changed  in SP2013 and it will show under ellipses image . But the problem is not all Data Sheet views will show in the ellipses
    • You may see Quick Edit disabled on some views even though proper permissions are set. Quick Edit is disabled on the Views where the style is set other than default. If the SP2010 view has style as anything other than default, you may see issues on quick edit in 2013.image
    • Say good bye to column totals in Data Sheet view of SP2013

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